Work is underway on another Maine Turnpike Open Road Tolling plaza project at the southern entrance to our beautiful state. This $39.4 million project is somewhat similar to Reed & Reed’s Scarborough Exit 44 project except it will have three high speed open road tolling lanes in each direction plus five cash lanes southbound and four cash lanes northbound.  In May 2019 Reed & Reed will begin constructing the 316-foot long service tunnel that runs under the toll plaza in York. There is also a new 1200-ft long access road into the site from Chase’s Pond Road leading to the new Administration Building.

R.J. Grondin & Sons, our earthwork subcontractor, has been on site since the start of the project in November 2018 and has made much progress blasting and excavating much of the 47,000 cubic yards of rock.  Prior to each blast the State Police stop the 3 lanes of traffic in each direction until the all clear signal is given. The penalty for stoppages that last longer than 6 minutes is $1,000 per minute.  Through the planning efforts of Grondin, Maine Drilling & Blasting, and our team, traffic stops are usually less than 2 minutes. We are currently in Phase 1 of the project which enables us to do much of the earthwork, tunnel, building foundation, administration building, sign foundations, access road and paving work outside of the existing 3 lanes of northbound and southbound traffic. This work will be completed by the end of the summer so we can shift traffic outboard and begin the phase 2 work in the middle where traffic is running now.

The project is on schedule for a June 21, 2021 completion.