The York toll Plaza looks much different than it did a year ago. In June we met the project schedule milestone of completing the Northbound and Southbound high-speed toll lanes so that the Turnpike’s vendor can start their 126-day commissioning phase. We have placed the two cornerstones of the project, the ORT slabs that will be the centerpieces of the new high-speed tolling lanes. We’ve also installed the cast-in-place median barrier, the spaceframes, miles of conduit and cabling, tolling devices, and panels needed for the high-speed toll lanes.
We’ve started work on the five toll islands, cash slabs, canopies, and tunnel stairs. Later this fall we will move traffic to the center lanes and finish the outside cash lanes of the project.
Subcontractors have help set over 7,500’ of precast barrier and placed over 14,000 tons of asphalt so far The Administration Building work was wrapped up in May even though the Turnpike isn’t going to take occupancy until near the end of the project.
We are working towards wrapping up the project in June 2021.