Bull Hill Wind Project

Working with sub-consultants and in-house engineering staff, Reed & Reed will manage the design activities of critical work phases to assure efficient design choices are made that impound the full range of data and information about a site to minimize cost and maximize constructability of wind power projects. We will coordinate and manage the design activities of:

  • Civil and Site Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Transmission and Substation Design
  • Foundation Design
With local, regional and nationwide supplier and subcontractor relationships, Reed & Reed can quickly analyze project objectives, constraints, and parameters to identify the low cost, optimal schedule solutions for engineering services, construction services and material supply.
Reed & Reed will prepare and update a master CPM schedule for all activities from design through construction and start-up phases using the latest in Primevera software.
One of the most important elements of a successful Wind Power project is budget control. Reed & Reed will prepare a detailed project budget for the design and construction phases of the work which can be updated to reflect changes in project development parameters, consideration of design alternatives and cost impacts of schedule changes.
With broad experience in remote locations, high elevations, complex projects and difficult logistical issues, Reed & Reed can review construction sequencing, project coordination, equipment delivery plans, erection means and methods and a host of other project specific conditions that could impact overall project costs. Optimizing schedule and minimizing costs while assuring safe worksites and high quality work are our goals.
As builders of more than 300 wind turbines in New England, Reed & Reed has:

  • Trained and experienced professionals
  • Technical support staff
  • Field operations crews
  • One of the largest contractor-owned equipment fleets including two Manitowoc 16000 lift cranes (440-tons) designed specifically for wind turbine erection
As the region’s leading wind power services contractor, Reed & Reed also provides maintenance and repair services to the industry. Whether it is replacing a gearbox, replacing an entire nacelle or even repowering an older unit, our skilled and experienced crews are up to the task and our fleet of cranes can provide the lifting requirements.

Having erected Vestas, GE, Siemans, Zond and Gamesa turbines we are well prepared to undertake any and all necessary maintenance and repairs.

Wind projects present their own special OHS risks and challenges and as experienced contactors, Reed & Reed recognizes the importance of Safety Planning and implementation of a comprehensive, project specific OHS Plan for each project. Factors that require special consideration include:

  • Transportation, handling and storage of oversized WTG components
  • Erection of towers and WTG components
  • High-level work activities
  • Heavy lift planning and analysis
  • Movement of heavy cranes and other equipment
  • Site planning for safe transport and movement of materials and equipment
  • Reed & Reed’s Kibby Wind Project earned SHARP status from OSHA in 2010, the first wind project in the United States to receive this recognition
Reed & Reed has designed and implemented highly regarded QC/QA programs for both public and private clients. We believe the keys to a successful QC/QA program begin with a comprehensive review of the scope work review and preparation of QC/QA plans that conform to all contract requirements. Essential steps in the process of include having:

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities including methods of resolving issues
  • Independence between design QA/QC and construction QA/QC
  • Effective integration and interface of QA/QC activities during design and construction including methods of resolving issues
  • Constant communication and strong document control

We have prepared and executed highly successful QC/QA plans on all of our wind projects which include projects with GE, Vestas, Siemens and Gamesa wind turbines.

Reed & Reed has a proven track record of accomplishment completing a variety of design-build, fast-track and conceptual projects. A common thread to success is the adaptation of a comprehensive management plan. This plan provides the framework for ensuring the success of demanding projects.

Each project management plan must be custom tailored to the specific project’s requirements. However, all our management plans have common major elements.

  • Defining Goals
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • CPM Schedule
  • Budget Control
  • Work Plans
  • Follow Through

Wind Power Projects