Reed & Reed’s substantial equipment fleet is available to support a great diversity of project needs – ranging from bridge construction to wind farms to hydroelectric projects to heavy rigging to environmental cleanup to pile driving, to any number of design-build services. Our modern and well-maintained equipment ensures the success of our projects, helping our employees deliver world-class construction services safely and on time.


Major Categories of Equipment


Our crane fleet includes both crawler and hydraulic cranes. We have more than 25 cranes with a combined lifting capacity of well over 3,000 tons. We will take delivery of our largest crane in August 2015, a brand new Manitowoc MLC650 crawler crane, capable of lifting up to 716 tons and with 400 feet of boom.


Our earthwork support equipment includes excavators, dozers, loaders, rollers, etc.


Our marine fleet includes deck barges, sectional barges, push boats, workboats and clamshell buckets for dredging.

Pile Driving

We have numerous diesel impact hammers, hydraulic vibratory hammers, drilling equipment and various pieces of ancillary equipment


Our fleet includes numerous tractors, trailers, dump trucks, material transport trucks, pickups and other vehicles.