Work on the new International Bridge in Madawaska, ME is nearing completion ahead of schedule and on budget. The six-span, 1,825-foot bridge that connects Madawaska, ME and Edmundston, NB is on track to open before the end of 2023.

Reed & Reed crews worked on the Maine abutment through the harsh northern Maine winter of 2021-22 and wrapped up the three hammerhead piers over the summer of 2022. Our Canadian subcontractor, Greenfield Construction, finished up two piers and the New Brunswick abutment during the same time. Crews then began erecting over 7.2 million pounds of structural steel girders in late August and this work was finished in November of last year. Reed & Reed chose to erect its first girders in pairs, which was a carefully planned and choreographed process. These paired girders weighed over 370,000 pounds but our skilled operators and ironworkers made the two-crane lifts look easy.

Upon completion of steel erection, crews began building forms for the concrete deck. Following completion of the concrete deck, work on the sidewalk, railings, lighting, and paving began. Once the new bridge is completed, our crews will turn their attention to removal of the existing 4-span through truss steel bridge.