Hunter Cove Bridge – Rangeley

In April 2018, the State of Maine awarded Reed & Reed, Inc. the Hunter Cove Bridge project in the amount of 1.1M. The project was listed as an ABC (Accelerated Bridge Construction) project. The project consisted of closing the road and detouring traffic for a maximum period of 100 calendar days. The existing 68’ single span bridge was removed and replaced with a steel pile supported, single 78’ span with a concrete deck on steel girder bridge. In addition, the 500 lineal feet of approaches received new riprap, gravel subbase, pavement and guardrail. The project was complete 10 days ahead of schedule.

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Embden / Solon Bridge

The Embden – Solon project, valued at $2.9M, consists of removing and replacing the existing 520’ long, 7-span Bridge with concrete deck over the Kennebec River. The project has to be completed in two phases, maintaining one lane of traffic at all times. The two existing concrete t-beam end spans will be completely removed and replaced with new structural steel beams and concrete deck. Reed & Reed teamed up with Stantec Engineering to redesign the concrete deck. Stantec Engineering did a excellent job redesigning the superstructure in a timely matter, allowing plenty of time to order materials required to start the project in August 2018. The project will work all winter and finish in June 2019.

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I-91 Bridge Replacement – Rockingham, VT

Phase 1 of the $44 million I-91 Rockingham VT Bridge Replacement Project is nearing completion.  The north bound bridge that carries Vermont I-91 over the Williams River will be complete ready for traffic by the end of November, 2018.

The new 880-foot-long bridge is a 4-span structure, with spliced concrete beams and a concrete bridge deck.  The bridge deck is 130 ft. above the Williams River.  This project will complete Reed & Reed’s first ever spliced concrete beam bridge.  The Beam structure consists of five runs of 7 individual concrete beams that were installed on temporary support framework, aligned and held in position with thirty strong backs.  Cast in place concrete closures were placed between the ends of the beams and then three, 19 strand tendons running from abutment to abutment were installed, tensioned and grouted.  Once the strands were tensioned and all 76 concrete diaphragms were placed the supporting framework and strong backs were removed, bridge decking and reinforcing installed followed by the deck and barrier placements.  After new South Bound crossovers are complete traffic will be switched to the new structure in early December and the process of demolition and replacement of the south bound structure will begin.

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Ossipee, NH Bridges

On Oct. 18, 2018 the New Hampshire DOT awarded Reed & Reed a $17 million contract to replace three bridges and rebuild 3.5 miles of Rt. 16 in Ossipee New Hampshire.

This project will run for approximately 2 years and replace bridges over the Bear Camp River, the Bear Camp Overflow Channel and Lovell Stream.  The project will begin in early November with clearing of right-of-way and relocation of utilities.

The Bear Camp River Bridge and the Overflow Channel Bridge are designed as slide in projects where the new bridge is built adjacent to the existing bridge then when complete the road is detoured for an 84 hour long weekend, the existing bridges are demolished in place and the new bridges are slid into position.  It will be a busy 84 hours.

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Wyman Dam Dredging

Brookfield White Pine Hydro, LLC procured Reed and Reed in the Summer of 2018 for dredging timber from behind the Wyman Dam located in Bingham, Maine. This project included the removal of approximately 1200 tons of timber material located in front of the dam intakes. In 2007, Reed and Reed, performed similar work for the previous dam owner. The project also included installing a temporary 50-foot access trestle from the northerly shore, and mobilizing 9 sections of sectional barge Flexifloats for the 518 Linkbelt Crane-(150 ton) to sit on. The project began August 1st, 2018 and dredging was complete by mid-October.

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Harpswell – Mitchell Field

The Town of Harpswell procured Reed and Reed in the Fall of 2017 for the demolition of the existing Mitchell Field Pier. This project included the removal of a 240-foot-long concrete pier and associated pilings, a 240 lineal foot U-shaped boat dock composed of a concrete cap and sheet pile walls, and a breasting platform and two dolphin platforms (Five- 40-foot diameter sheet pile cells filled with gravel and fill). Approximately 40,000 tons of gravel material were dredged from the cells, 4800 tons of concrete removed, and over 1700 tons of steel and piling removed. The project’s construction schedule was set for May of 2019. The project began in January of 2018 and was substantially completed by September 2018, 7 months ahead of original schedule and on budget.

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Lisbon Center Street Bridge

The Lisbon Center Bridge Street bridge work began in late June 2018 and was set on a fast track 4-month construction schedule to be completed and opened to traffic in the Fall of 2018. The project included the removal of a 2-span concrete T-beam bridge being replaced with a new 88-foot bridge span, composed of precast New England Bulb-Tee Girders with a 9” concrete deck and integral wearing surface. A sheet pile cofferdam on ledge was installed for the Abutment 1 foundation and a large sandbag cofferdam was utilized for the construction of Abutment 2 foundation. Also included in the project was approximately 450 feet of full depth approach work that Reed and Reed self-performed which included the installation of a new waterline and natural gas line.

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Berkshire Wind Project Expansion

Reed & Reed has been selected to construct the two turbine expansion at the Berkshire Wind Project.  Reed & Reed successfully built Phase I in 2009 and was asked by MMWEC to return for the expansion.  We take pride in our performance, and this callback is a testament to Reed & Reed being the premier Wind Power Contractor in the Northeast.

Engineering for the project is ongoing and Sitework should be ramping up in early November with foundations following around the first of the year.  The two GE 2.3 MW turbines are staged and ready in New York for erection late spring, with a target operation date of Summer 2019.


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Antrim Wind

Reed & Reed is underway on 29 MW Antrim Wind Project located in Antrim, NH.  As the EPC contractor, Reed & Reed has been working with Walden Green Energy over the past few years on permitting and design for the 9 turbine project.  Reed & Reed’s contract includes Engineering & Design, Civil Infrastructure, WTG Foundations & Erection, Underground & Overhead Electrical Collector System, Collector Substation construction, MET Tower work and the Operations & Maintenance Building.  Site construction started in August 2018, and Sargent Corporation is currently building the site civil infrastructure.  Turbine foundations will be starting up in late November, with the 9 Siemens SWT-3.2-113 turbines scheduled to arrive in May 2019 for commercial operation following in August.

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Main Street Bridge, Yarmouth

As winter approaches the crew has just completed the phase 2 deck placement and closure pour.  Sidewalk, bridge rail, membrane and paving remain to complete phase 2; at which time traffic can be switched for Phase 3, which includes the multi-use path, and decorative sitting walls and pavers below the bridge.

The $5 million Yarmouth Main Street bridge replacement project consists of replacing the existing 3-span arched concrete deck structure with a new structure that is nearly identical to the old.  The bridge includes decorative pilasters on the piers and abutments which require detailed work to replicate the original structures. The project is phased construction; with 2-way traffic required to be maintained on half of the old structure while the other half is removed and replaced.  Additionally, two-way traffic and pedestrian sidewalks are maintained beneath the structure on Main Street, with specifically allowed weekend closures of Main Street allowed for certain activities.

The approach roadwork for the project includes, relocating an on and off ramp for southbound Route 1 traffic, elevating final grades of mainline Route 1, utility relocations, and mitigating traffic impact to surrounding high-traffic roadways, intersections and nearby businesses and schools.  Phased roadwork, including temporary pavement and various temporary traffic control patterns to manage this work.

Finish work below the bridge includes concrete sitting walls, granite pavers and extensive lighting.  The bridge is a prominent structure located at the heart of Main Street in Yarmouth right next to City Hall and the town library and is where the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival is held; and will undoubtedly be the centerpiece for the town events in the area.

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