Reed & Reed awarded contract for Hinsdale, NH-Brattleboro, VT bridge replacement

New Hampshire Department of transportation recently awarded Reed & Reed a $61.2 million contract to build the new bridge over the Connecticut River connecting the towns of Hinsdale, NH and Brattleboro, VT. The bridge is an 8-span composite steel and concrete structure 1800 feet long. The Company will construct seven piers on steel pipe piles driven some 150 feet to bedrock. Variable depth steel girders will span 246 feet between the piers. Reed & Reed will cast the reinforced concrete deck sections and sidewalks in place.
Reed & Reed’s preliminary project schedule calls for work to begin late summer 2021 with project completion set for October 25, 2024. With traffic transferred to the new bridge, the existing Route 119 bridges will eventually be converted to pedestrian use.
Along with Reed & Reed’s $86.5 million contract award in April for the new International Bridge between Madawaska, Maine and Edmundston, New Brunswick, the company will be busy connecting communities across the region.

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RoxWind Project Resumes Work

After a winter shutdown, work has resumed on Reed & Reed’s RoxWind project in Oxford County, Maine. Last fall crews began sitework and completed foundations. This spring work has begun in earnest on the collector system and utility interconnect. Wind turbines are slated for arrival in late May when Reed & Reed crews will erect the four GE 3.85 mw turbines with 450-foot diameter rotors on 267-foot towers. Each blade is more than 220 feet long and weighs just over 40,000 lbs.
On the ridge just to the north one can see the 22 turbine Record Hill Wind Project built by Reed & Reed in 2010-11. And about 15 miles to the east the towers at Saddleback Wind and Canton Wind are visible, all built by our skilled and experienced crews.
Commercial operation at RoxWind is scheduled for September.

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Pinnacle (WV) wind turbines to be replaced

Note: The Bechtel-Reed & Reed JV is under contract to replace 17 wind turbines at the Pinnacle Wind project in Keyser, WV for Clearway Energy Group. Work is underway disassembling the existing turbines and new turbines are expected to arrive in July. The project is located just 5 miles from the BlackRock Wind project along the same ridgeline.
The article below provides more detail on the project.
Lindsay Renner-Wood | Cumberland Times-News | April 5, 2021 |

KEYSER, W.Va. – Upgrades to the Pinnacle wind farm are underway and expected to be completed later this year, parent company Clearway Energy Group recently announced.

The San Francisco-based clean energy company announced that it will begin the process of re-powering the plant or making upgrades to the existing turbines to lengthen their life spans.

In a recent interview, Dan Hendrick, the head of external affairs for Clearway’s eastern division, said that the receipt of $128 million in financing for the Pinnacle farm work will allow the company to entirely replace the 23 existing turbines with newer, more efficient ones. Around $89 million of that money is for the construction, he said.

Since Pinnacle first went on the grid in 2012, Hendrick explained, wind energy technology has improved significantly. After preconstruction work like grading is completed, crews will get to work taking down the existing turbines and replacing them with the more efficient models. That will be done sequentially, Hendrick said, “so that there are never too many off at one time,” allowing operations to continue.

Replacing the turbines, Hendrick said, effectively adds another nine years to the project’s 30-year timeline. That means another nine years of tax benefits for Mineral County, he said. While the project incurs around $500,000 in tax revenue annually for the county, Hendrick said the improvements will likely generate as much as $200,000 more.

It will also extend the life of Pinnacle’s Community Benefit Fund, which Hendrick said awards around $20,000 to local nonprofit organizations and others annually. In the past, he said, those funds have been dedicated to groups like the Mineral County Historical Society.
A committee of local residents reviews the applications, Hendrick said, and decides where to award projects accordingly.

“It’s very nuts and bolts stuff that sounds maybe not so huge, but in many ways is actually what the community really needs,” Hendrick said.
The construction process will create around 50 temporary jobs in addition to the 10 or so full-time workers already employed at the farm, Hendrick said.
Clearway announced the construction of a second farm, the Black Rock wind farm, to be located along the border of Mineral and Grant counties

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Madawaska International Bridge Replacement

Reed & Reed wins Construction Contract for Madawaska-Edmundston International Bridge Project

AUGUSTA – The Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) has awarded an $86.5 million construction contract for the replacement of the Madawaska-Edmundston International Bridge Project to Reed & Reed, Inc. of Woolwich. The construction phase of this project is the result of a productive collaboration between MaineDOT and the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (NBDTI). This project also involves detailed coordination with federal agencies in both the United States and Canada.

This project will replace the bridge that provides a critical connection between Madawaska, Maine and Edmundston, New Brunswick. The current structure is 100 years old and approaching the end of its useful life. The bridge deck and superstructure are in poor condition and show signs of advanced deterioration. Since October 2017, the International Bridge has been posted at a five-ton weight limit, creating a significant detour. Furthermore, the existing building and site of the land port of entry on the U.S. side are substandard and need to be replaced.

The new bridge is 1825 feet long and will be constructed on a new alignment: it will cross the St. John River at an approximately 45-degree angle and be located approximately 1,400 feet upstream from the existing bridge. Because of this new alignment, the new structure will be nearly twice the length of the existing one. The new bridge will feature wider travel lanes and added shoulders on both sides. There will also be a raised sidewalk on the downstream side of the new bridge. The new bridge will be constructed using steel girders supported on concrete substructures and is designed to last 100 years.
The total project cost will be $97.5 million. In 2019, this project received a $36-million Infrastructure for Rebuilding American (INFRA) grant from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. The remaining costs are being shared by MaineDOT and NBDTI.

“The year-long challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have laid bare the importance of the connections between Maine and Canada,” said MaineDOT Commissioner Bruce Van Note. “We are eager to move forward with this project to greatly improve one of these vital connection points. This new bridge will improve safety and support economic activities on both sides of the international border.”

“This international bridge is more than just a piece of infrastructure: it is an important link that brings communities and countries together,” said New Brunswick’s Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Jill Green. “This project will contribute to our priority of energizing the private sector by facilitating the movement of people and goods. This will allow our businesses to remain competitive while fostering economic growth in the region.”
Jackson Parker, CEO of Reed & Reed, Inc. said, “Reed & Reed is pleased to be rebuilding this critical link between families, communities, and nations. We will be looking to hire locally as much as possible. We have a long history of building bridges for MaineDOT, beginning in 1928 with a $1,676 contract to replace a bridge in Hermon. We are excited to begin work on this project.”

Construction work is expected to begin in May and the schedule shows opening the new bridge to traffic by the end of 2023. Demolition of the old bridge is scheduled to begin once traffic is moved onto the new bridge. The estimated final completion date of this project is June 30th, 2025.
Design and construction of the new land port of entry on the U.S. side is a separate project being administered by the U.S. General Services Administration.

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Black Rock Wind – West Virginia

NEW WIND FARM TO INCREASE WEST VIRGINIA’S WIND POWER BY NEARLY 15% Bechtel and Reed & Reed joint venture selected to deliver new Black Rock Wind Farm

RESTON, Virginia, January 2021 — Clean, renewable energy for West Virginia residents surged forward today when Clearway Energy Group selected the Bechtel-Reed & Reed Joint Venture, to build its Black Rock wind farm in Grant County and Mineral counties. The new wind farm represents a nearly 15% increase in the state’s wind power and will produce enough green energy to power 34,000 homes.

“We’re excited to partner with Bechtel and Reed & Reed and look forward to potential that their combined resources can bring to this critical project,” said Chris Fox, Vice President of Construction at Clearway Energy Group. “This represents Clearway’s second renewable project in West Virginia, and provides a great opportunity for us to add construction jobs and permanent positions to our existing workforce in the state. Black Rock represents an important and growing sector of West Virginia’s economy and we are proud to help drive that growth.”

The Bechtel-Reed & Reed team, will engineer, procure, and construct the farm. The project will include twenty-three Siemens-Gamesa SG 5.0-145 wind turbines on 107.5-meter tall towers, producing 115 MW of electricity at the point interconnection to the First Energy electrical grid.

“The Black Rock Wind Farm is a significant contribution to renewable wind production in the region, and we are delighted to have Reed & Reed as partners and we are eager to join Clearway Energy Group on their path to deliver clean energy for future generations,” said Kelvin Sims, Bechtel’s Infrastructure general manager, Americas. “Our customers are setting ambitious targets to decarbonize energy systems, and we’re excited to support them in their journey to net-zero.”

“Our partnership with Bechtel combines two leading companies in the new world economy of renewable energy. All of us at Reed & Reed are pleased to begin work on this project with our partners from Bechtel. It’s a chance to demonstrate our expertise and experience in wind projects in a new region. We are especially pleased to have been selected by Clearway to build such an important project,” said Jackson Parker, CEO of Reed & Reed, Inc.

The project will create around 200 jobs in the area during construction, with several permanent jobs when operational. Once the wind farm is active, currently scheduled for late 2021, it will save 298,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

About Bechtel:
Bechtel is a trusted engineering, construction and project management partner to industry and government. Differentiated by the quality of our people and our relentless drive to deliver the most successful outcomes, we align our capabilities to our customers’ objectives to create a lasting positive impact. Since 1898, we have helped customers complete more than 25,000 projects in 160 countries on all seven continents that have created jobs, grown economies, improved the resiliency of the world’s infrastructure, increased access to energy, resources, and vital services, and made the world a safer, cleaner place.
Bechtel serves the Infrastructure; Nuclear, Security & Environmental; Oil, Gas & Chemicals; and Mining & Metals markets. Our services span from initial planning and investment, through start-up and operations.

About Reed & Reed:

Founded in 1928 by Captain Josiah W. Reed and his son Carlton Day Reed, Reed & Reed has a long history of successful public & private construction projects throughout New England. Headquartered in Woolwich, Maine, Reed & Reed performs a wide range of construction services for both public and private clients. From complex cable-stayed bridges to industrial facilities, marine terminals to wind farms, commercial and institutional buildings to pile driving, parking garages to environmental remediation, Reed & Reed has a track record of superior performance.

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York, Maine Open Road Tolling Project

The York toll Plaza looks much different than it did a year ago. In June we met the project schedule milestone of completing the Northbound and Southbound high-speed toll lanes so that the Turnpike’s vendor can start their 126-day commissioning phase. We have placed the two cornerstones of the project, the ORT slabs that will be the centerpieces of the new high-speed tolling lanes. We’ve also installed the cast-in-place median barrier, the spaceframes, miles of conduit and cabling, tolling devices, and panels needed for the high-speed toll lanes.
We’ve started work on the five toll islands, cash slabs, canopies, and tunnel stairs. Later this fall we will move traffic to the center lanes and finish the outside cash lanes of the project.
Subcontractors have help set over 7,500’ of precast barrier and placed over 14,000 tons of asphalt so far The Administration Building work was wrapped up in May even though the Turnpike isn’t going to take occupancy until near the end of the project.
We are working towards wrapping up the project in June 2021.

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Barter’s Island Bridge Replacement

The replacement of the old swing span bridge is progressing quickly now as we near the completion stages of the job. The center swing span was recently floated into position and fitted with mechanical components and we’ve just placed the deck. The control house is filled and all of its’ control equipment will operate everything once the bridge is complete.
Due to the nature of this type of project, there are a lot of details that need to be precisely organized and tracked to ensure proper operation of the bridge. The mechanical components require installation within a fraction of an inch for proper operation. This includes installation of the center rotation bearing, balance wheels, live load rollers, end casters, end seats, end jacks, and end stops; all of which have been installed in the field under the span with hundreds of bolts, and countless shim plates to make sure they are all properly oriented to each other.
We expect to complete the project in the Fall of 2020.

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Ossipee Bridge Project

The Ossipee Bridge project is well into its second construction season after a very successful first season.  The $17 million project consists of replacing three red-list bridges and reconstructing 3.5 miles of roadway on busy Route 16 in Ossipee, NH.

In our first season, Reed & Reed primarily focused on constructing and completing the bridge slide for the Bearcamp Relief Bridge, a 170’ two-span bridge over a bypass channel for the Bearcamp River. New substructures were built in the existing roadway and under the existing bridge while the entire new bridge superstructure was built 15 ft. away on temporary supports. Then during an 84-hour window in September, Reed & Reed demolished the existing bridge, slid the new bridge horizontally 50 ft. and lowered it onto its permanent bearings. We completed the work in 72 hours, 12 hours ahead of schedule.

Following completion of the Bearcamp Relief bridge, our team moved on to constructing the Lovell River bridge in a more conventional manner. We built a detour bridge and are constructing the new Lovell River Bridge on-line.  We also began substructure work at the Bearcamp River bridge, the largest of the three bridges to be replaced. This is also a slide-in bridge like the Relief bridge and is due to be completed in September.

Finally, our subcontractor AJ Coleman has completed a large portion of the Route 16 roadway rehabilitation on the project.  They will be completing most of their other earthwork this summer and will finish paving following the Bearcamp River bridge slide.

We hope to be substantially complete on the project later this year.

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In view of the current and anticipated risks associated with the COVID-19 virus, we have decided that Friday April 10 Reed & Reed will discontinue construction operations for at least 2 weeks in order to provide for maximum protection of our employees during what is projected to be the peak level of infections.
All employees will receive full pay and benefits for the duration of the shutdown. No one will be laid off or furloughed.
These are extraordinary and unprecedented times that require extraordinary actions by all of us. As a company, Reed & Reed understands the worry and concerns you all have about COVID-19. We understand and share your concerns about the safety and well-being of your families. We also know that without you, our employee-owners, we cannot accomplish anything. We are taking this extraordinary action to shut-down all work because your health and safety is our number one priority. Period.
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