July 2024:

We are placing the second half of the abutment 1 backwall and forming the upper half of the downstream wing wall.  These are placements #10 and #11 of 13 in that abutment.  On the Topsham side, we have placed and backfilled the 7′ thick leveling slab for retaining wall #2 and are forming the 23′ radius footing for retaining wall #1.  We are looking forward to August 1st, when we can continue cofferdam work for pier #1.

November 2023:

The Maine Department of Transportation awarded Reed & Reed the contract to replace the aging, obsolete Frank J. Wood bridge between the towns of Brunswick and Topsham, Maine.  The existing 3-span through truss bridge was originally opened in 1932.  It will remain in service during construction of the new bridge which will be located just upstream.

The new bridge will be a 4-span steel plate girder and concrete structure.  The new bridge design calls for many aesthetic and site improvements at each end of the structure.

Work began in June of 2023 with the construction of a temporary work trestle to access the three river piers.   The new bridge abutments will be located adjacent to the existing abutments with slight alignments adjustments to the roadways on each end.

The new bridge is scheduled to open to traffic in October 2025.  Following completion of the new bridge Reed & Reed will demolish the existing bridge and complete work on the site improvements in both Brunswick and Topsham.