Reed & Reed, like all successful enterprises, recognizes that long-term success depends on a steady sense of purpose. We know the importance of setting goals, establishing strategies for achieving them, and measuring their effects. Without these fundamental steps, operational and strategic improvements become a matter of happenstance rather than purpose.

Accordingly, Reed & Reed is committed to three basic principles.

The benefits of achieving these goals accrue to clients, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and company management alike.

Safety begins with commitment – and, to be successful, all levels of the organization must make that commitment. From one end of our organization to the other, commitment to safety is a top priority.

Some important elements of our Safety Program include:

Planning for safety through:

  • Job-specific safety plans
  • Daily Job-specific hazard identification and analysis
  • Providing a comprehensive training program to include
    1. OSHA 10 for all hourly Employees
    2. OSHA 30 for all members of management
  • Performing pre-hire physicals and drug testing

Executing safety through:

  • Conducting daily crew meetings
  • Daily job site stretching and exercise regime
  • Full-time safety staff for onsite assistance
  • On-site safety training
  • Random drug testing of all employees
  • Weekly safety meetings at jobsites
  • Measured safety audits of every project
  • Daily employee – supervisor jobsite inspections
  • Weekly Supervisor inspection
  • Monthly Project manager inspections

Reviewing our success in Safety through:

  • Quarterly reports to all jobsites outlining experience
  • Annual meeting with management team to review past goals and set new ones

Being Recognized for our Success through:

  • Being a SHARP member
  • Multiple industry Awards
Reed & Reed knows that quality is a matter of pride as well as responsibility. We take great pride in our work, and quality is a direct measure of our success. We are also bound by responsibility to our clients to provide top-quality construction that will perform and endure for many years to come.

Project-specific Quality Control Plans are prepared for all major projects and include:

  • Identifying and understand scope of work
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Assigning Personnel with appropriate certifications and qualifications
  • Reviewing and understanding project specifications
  • Performing and overseeing testing and Inspection
  • Record keeping
Reed & Reed measures performance in terms of two fundamental criteria: cost and schedule.

  • Cost: We plan and expect to meet or beat our budgets on every single project. Reed & Reed bids, budgets, and controls costs with proven practices: rigorous planning, selection of the best means and methods, allocation of necessary resources, monitoring of progress, and a constant eye out for improvement.  Whether projects are priced on a fixed basis, time and materials, guaranteed maximum price, or some other innovative pricing structure, our record in terms of cost performance is superior. We know that cost matters greatly to our clients – and to us.
  • Schedule: Schedule performance is crucial to every project we undertake. The sooner a project is on-line, the sooner benefits begin to accrue to the end user. We begin with detailed critical path-method scheduling, and build our project execution plan around it.  Advance materials purchases, internal resource allocations, identification and mitigation of external risk factors that can impact schedule, anticipation of conflicts and coordination issues, and innovative approaches to problem solving: all of these create opportunities for improving schedule performance. We routinely focus on these areas as a means to that end.As a result, early completion is the rule, not the exception at Reed & Reed.