Project Description

Reed & Reed has completed the Balance-of-Plant contract with TransCanada for construction of their 132 MW Kibby Wind Power Project in Kibby Township, Maine.  All forty-four Vestas units are commissioned and operational.  Reed & Reed has been working since February of 2008, starting with a Pre-Construction Services Contract that included design, budget, schedule and permit responsibilities and culminating in the recently completed BOP contract.

Under the BOP contract that included design, procurement and construction, Reed & Reed erected forty-four of the Vestas V90 3.0 MW wind turbines and managed construction of the 34.5 kV electrical collector system and associated crane paths and access roads.  The wind turbines were erected on schedule atop two ridgelines, with 22 turbines on the “A” ridge producing power in October of 2009 and 22 turbines on the “B” ridge producing power in October of 2010.

Reed & Reed managed a team of skilled subcontractors and design professionals to assist in completing this project.  These team members were selected for their unique abilities and past performance on other successful Reed & Reed wind power projects.

Reed & Reed is pleased to complete another successful wind power project.  We congratulate TransCanada on their latest addition to their power production facilities.

Location: Kibby Township, Maine
Owner: TransCanada
Completed: October 2010
Contractor: Reed & Reed, Inc.