Project Description

The contract consisted of rehabilitating the two main suspension piers for the 2048 foot long suspension bridge over Eggemoggin Reach, between the Towns of Sedgwick and Deer Isle, Maine. The existing pier substructure concrete extended 25 feet above mean water and 80 feet below mean water elevation.

The work included design and construction of two steel sheet pile (40’ x 80’) cofferdams, replacement of steel jacketing, removal and replacement of a minimum of 3” depth of concrete and miscellaneous related items.

The cofferdams had to be designed for 53 feet of water pressure and two – four foot high waves. The de-watered depth of cofferdam to depth of concrete seal ratio was inadequate for a stable cofferdam. This unstable condition required anchors to be attached to the existing structure for additional weight. Reed & Reed worked closely with our designer to design a cost efficient cofferdam. Some of the noteworthy challenges included installing 85 foot long sheet piling under the existing bridge, where headroom was less than 80 feet and transporting 3000 cubic yards of concrete, equipment and materials as much as 700 feet from shore.

Location: Deer Isle, Maine
Owner: State of Maine
Completed: December 2010
Cost: $10.6 Million
Contractor: Reed & Reed, Inc.