Reed & Reed has completed the 34 mw Saddleback Ridge Wind Project in the western Maine town of Dixfield for Patriot Renewables. The work included erection of 12 General Electric 2.85 MW WTG’s on new 85 meter “modular” towers.  This tower design permits barrel section substitutions to adjust the overall height to better fit specific siting conditions.  The turbines also included a new improved GE design in tower wiring.  The turbines are supported on circular Barr-design rock anchor foundations.

Reed & Reed’s work on the project included the construction of foundations, WTG erection, tower wiring, an overhead and underground electrical collector system, WTG grounding in accordance with GE requirements, the construction of a new substation, and 8 miles of transmission line.

Turbine erection was spread over the 2014 and 2015 seasons with COD achieved in the fall, 2015.  Steep grades on the site and especially small turbine pads presented challenges during turbine delivery and erection but Reed & Reed crews easily rose to the occasion.