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Middle Street Substation

Reed & Reed was awarded the contract for the CMP Middle Street Substation project in late spring 2016 by AVANGRID. In January, 2017 we are in the midst of construction of this project to update and improve the electrical infrastructure serving a significant portion of downtown Lewiston, Maine.
The project includes the construction of the new Middle Street Substation which is comprised of two 115kV line terminals (one overhead, one underground), three 115kV power transformers, a two terminal 34.5kV bay for local transmission circuits and the control/powerhouse which contains 12kV switchgear distributing power to a large segment of the city. The substation foundations are complete, structural steel is up, the power transformers are set in place, and the work to install the remaining electrical equipment and conductors has begun. Construction of the substation is expected to wrap up in spring 2017 when the testing and commissioning of the new facility begins.

Once the new substation is commissioned and energized, Reed & Reed will continue our work by pulling approximately 57,000 feet of new 12kV power cable to re-feed nine (9) existing circuits. Along with crews from Central Maine Power Co., the closely coordinated task of cutting these circuits over from an existing substation will be performed in summer 2017. Once the circuits are energized, the project will conclude with the de-energization and decommissioning of the old Lewiston Steam indoor substation.

This major upgrade of the Lewiston substation infrastructure will increase reliability and improve CMP’s efficiency of operation in this key central Maine city. Reed & Reed is pleased to be the contractor.

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Canton Mountain Wind


Reed & Reed recently began construction of the Canton Mountain Wind Project in Canton, Maine. The project is being developed by Patriot Renewables of Quincy, MA. Reed & Reed worked with Patriot on the recently completed Saddleback Wind Project in Carthage, Maine, which is adjacent to the Canton Project. Because of our previous performance and the successful relationship that we developed with Patriot on that project, we were selected to build Canton.

The Canton project consists of 8 – GE 2.85 MW wind turbines with 103 meter rotors mounted on 85 meter towers. The turbines will be erected on rock anchor foundations secured to good old Maine bedrock. The generated power will travel through an underground ridgeline collector system, then overhead to the expanded substation built for the Saddleback Project.

Reed & Reed is self-performing the substation expansion, overhead and underground electrical collection system, WTG foundations, and turbine erection. Turbine components will be delivered initially to a laydown yard in Jay from which we will transport them up to the project site.

We are currently working on the substation expansion and overhead electrical collector system. Construction of the foundations, turbine erection, and the underground electrical collector system will be commence in late spring of 2017. Final completion will be in the fall of 2017.

November 3, 2016

Reed & Reed has been selected to build the Canton Mountain Wind Project in Canton, Maine. This project is a “Sister” project to the Saddleback Wind Project recently completed by Reed & Reed. Both of these projects were developed by Patriot Renewables.

Canton Mountain Wind consists of eight GE 2.85 MW wind turbines with 103 meter diameter rotors mounted on 85 meter towers. The turbines will be erected on rock anchor foundations. . The generated power will travel through an underground ridgeline collector system, then overhead to the expanded substation built for the Saddleback Project.

Reed & Reed will commence substation and overhead collector line work in 2016. Construction of the foundations, turbine erection, and the underground electrical collector system will be commence in late spring of 2017. Final completion will be in the fall of 2017.

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Deerfield Wind Project

The Deerfield Wind project consists of 15 Gamesa 2.0MW, 80 meter hub-height wind turbines and 5 miles of access roads/crane paths on a “ridge-line” site. Reed & Reed was awarded the project in August 2016 following competitive bid selection process. The project is notable in that it is the first commercial wind project in the country on land managed by the US Forest Service.

Reed & Reed’s scope includes the sitework, access roads/crane paths and stormwater features, turbine foundations, turbine erection, mechanical completion, the underground electrical collector, and the Operations and Maintenance Building.

The project is being developed and will be owned and operated by Avangrid Renewables, and is located in Bennington County, Vermont.

Construction began in September 2016 and the project is scheduled to be operational in late 2017. According to Avangrid Renewables’ website, the project will produce enough energy to power about 14,000 average Vermont households annually. It is expected to deliver at least $400,000 per year in local economic benefits to the towns of Searsburg and Readsboro and an additional estimated $300,000 per year in tax payments to the State of Vermont.

Deerfield Wind is Reed & Reed’s 19th wind project in New England and when completed the Company will have installed more than 425 turbines producing over 1,040 megawatts of clean, renewable electricity.

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We’re an Employee Owned Company

After 88 years as a privately owned company, there was an ownership change in early 2016 when Reed & Reed became an Employee Owned company. The Company formed an ESOP Trust to purchase 100% of the company shares for the benefit of its employees. The ESOP form of ownership creates distinctive benefits:

• Provides for continuity of the Company
• Recognizes the people who have helped make us great
• Incentivizes employees to be the best and grow the Company to even greater success going forward
• Provides opportunity for next gen employees to contribute and build on the legacy

Leadership changes are few as a result of the ESOP transaction. Jackson A. Parker remains Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Thomas Reed remains Treasurer. The Company’s board has been expanded and now includes outside directors.

No management changes are being made or are any contemplated.

The entire management team is fully committed, both short and long term, to build on a legacy of excellence to establish Reed & Reed as an Employee Owned company without peer.

Jackson Parker noted, “Tom and I are pleased to know the company’s future rests in the hands of our employee-owners. I can’t imagine a better recipe for success.”

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Howland / Enfield Bridge

Reed & Reed contracted with the Maine DOT to replace the 5-span, 915 foot bridge over the Penobscot River between the northern Maine towns of Howland and Enfield with a 4-span 940 foot composite steel and concrete bridge. Three concrete piers are founded on either bedrock or driven h-piles in the river.

Steel girder erection in May-June will be followed by construction of the cast-in-place concrete bridge deck. Once traffic is shifted to the new bridge in the fall, Reed & Reed will demolish the 5 steel through-truss spans, four granite and concrete river piers and the two abutments.

With a contract completion date of December 30, 2017, Reed & Reed expects to complete the work several months ahead of schedule.

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I-91 Rockingham, VT Design-Build Project

Reed & Reed has won the best value proposal for the VTrans Design-Build I-91 twin bridge replacements in Rockingham, Vermont. The Reed & Reed / HDR team received the highest total score of the four proposals received.  Our total score of 88.59 bested the closest competitor at 80.71, with the two other competitors scoring 78.52 and 71.51 respectively.  Reed & Reed had the lowest Bid Price at $44.3mm, with the next closest bid price at $45.6mm.  We narrowly finished second on the Technical Proposal portion, scoring 38.59 versus 38.81.

The Rockingham Project involves replacement of Bridges 24N and 24S, twin barrels of I-91 over the Williams River and the Green Mountain Railroad. The current bridges will be replaced one at a time, with traffic shifted to the other bridge.  Smart Work Zone technology will be employed to facilitate traffic flow.  The current four-span bridges consist of underdeck steel trusses with concrete decks, supported on tall concrete piers.  The I-91 roadway elevation is approximately 100 feet above the existing ground.

Our winning proposal is twin four-span precast concrete spliced girder bridges. Abutments and piers are supported on pile foundations.  Ninety foot tall concrete pier shafts support the superstructure.

Reed & Reed received a Letter of Intent from VTrans on June 1, 2016 and expects Contract Award on July 6, 2016.  Design, submittals and approvals are scheduled to be completed by April, 2017.  On site work will start in May, 2017 and continue through Substantial Completion in November, 2019.


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West Approach Bridge – Bath

MDOT recently awarded Reed & Reed the $13.75mm contract to replace the West Approach Bridge in Bath. The viaduct bridge carries RT 1 traffic through Bath onto the Sagadahoc Bridge over the Kennebec River.

The project has complex traffic challenges, being adjacent to downtown Bath and Bath Iron Works. In order to limit traffic impacts, MDOT has allowed the viaduct to be closed to RT 1 thru-traffic from October 18 to May 25.  Traffic will be detoured to the Leeman Highway Frontage Roads, below the viaduct, during this time period.

On-site work this summer includes installation of new drainage on the Frontage Road, replacement of the Washington St railroad crossing and rehabilitation of the South Abutment. Reed & Reed crews will also be precasting concrete pier caps at our Woolwich dockyard.

Work during the closure includes demolition of the 1200 LF viaduct superstructure and 19 pier shafts. 19 new cast-in-place concrete pier shafts will be constructed on the existing footings.  Precast concrete pier caps, weighing 60 tons, will be erected and grouted in place.  The new superstructure consists of 80 precast concrete NEXT beams, weighing 50 tons each.  Closures between the NEXT beams will be made using Ultra-High-Performance  Concrete, with strengths of 20,000 PSI.  The wearing surface will be membrane and pavement.  The bridge rail will be steel rail, similar to the Sagadahoc Bridge.

Reed & Reed crews will be working day and night during the closure period to complete the work. MDOT has heavy monetary bonus and penalty incentives to assure the work is completed on schedule.  The new viaduct must be open to traffic by May 25 and the project complete by June 30, 2017.

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Hancock Wind

Reed & Reed is currently building the 56.1 mw project located in Downeast Maine for SunEdison and Novatus. Site work is well underway, all 17 spread foundations are complete, collector work and substation activities are also nearing completion.

Turbine deliveries began in early May and turbine erection is underway.. The V-117 Vestas turbines each produce 3.3 mw and sit on 116.5 meter towers.  These are the largest turbines in The Americas, both in terms of rotor diameter (384 feet) and tower height (382 feet).  In order to erect these mammoth turbines Reed & Reed acquired the largest crawler crane in New England, a brand new Manitowoc MLC 650 VPC-MAX, capable of lifting up to 772 tons.

In terms of challenges, not only are the turbines larger than most, site development restrictions mean Reed & Reed must breakdown and reassemble its cranes, including the giant MLC650 (45 tractor-trailer loads), seven times on the project.

All work is on schedule and a fall 2016 completion is planned.

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Bingham Wind

Work is well underway at New England’s largest wind power project in Bingham, Maine. EPC contractor Reed & Reed is building the 56 turbine 185 mw project for Sun Edison and the scope includes sitework, collector system, 56 concrete foundations, project substation, 18 miles of 115 kva transmission line and erection of the 56 Vestas V-112 3.3 mw turbines on 94 meter (308 ft) towers.

Turbine deliveries began in fall 2015 and Reed & Reed began erecting turbines at that time. The project is divided into two areas, with 36 turbines located North of Route 16 and 20 turbines to the South.  Reed & Reed has two top out crews working with its two Manitowoc M16000 cranes with special boom raising systems (BRS) to erect the taller towers.

Turbine deliveries were suspended for up to 8 weeks in the spring due to posted roads during mud season.   With this in mind, Reed & Reed managed and in fact accelerated delivery of a large percentage of the project’s turbines during the winter months to allow erection to continue throughout ‘mud season’.

Reed & Reed and its team of highly skilled subcontractors is on schedule for a safe, early completion in fall, 2016.

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Richmond Dresden Bridge

On a brisk morning in early December 2014 U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Governor Paul Lepage, Reed & Reed President Jackson Parker and other dignitaries joined several hundred townspeople to celebrate opening of the new bridge over the Kennebec River.  The seven-span bridge stretches 1478 feet and soars some 90 feet above the water.

Reed & Reed began work in July 2013 and despite a harsh winter completed the new structure 6 months ahead of schedule. Working from deck barges, our crews installed steel sheetpile cofferdams for the six river piers, constructed the concrete hammerhead piers, erected more than 1100 tons of structural steel beams and placed the entire concrete bridge deck.

The contract also calls for demolition of the existing five-span steel truss bridge superstructure, bridge piers and abutments and other miscellaneous work.  The old center span rotates open to accommodate passage of marine traffic and sits on a large concrete pier structure that Reed & Reed crews will remove as well.

Reed & Reed opened the bridge in the summer of 2015 and complete all contract work some six months ahead of schedule.

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