The Deerfield Wind Project is a 30 MW wind generator facility located in Bennington County, Vermont.  The Project includes eight (8) 2.0 MW Gamesa G97 turbines and seven (7) 2.0 MW Gamesa G87 turbines, with spread-footing foundations, 6.4 miles of 34.5kV underground collector system, 5.1 miles of gravel ridgeline roads, and an operations building.  The site is located within the Green Mountain National Forest.

The project site is located primarily on two undeveloped woodland ridges south of Searsburg, Vermont in Bennington County. The ridges are separately referred to as either the East or West ridge, on either side of Vermont Route 8.

The project consisted of challenging schedule and site conditions.  As the first commercial wind project located within a National Forest utmost consideration was taken to maintain compliance with the environmental and stormwater permit requirements.

The project achieved commercial operation December 30, 2017.