Work is now underway on so-called Station 46 Route 1 bridge in Woolwich. Maine DOT awarded Reed & Reed a $33.5 million contract to replace the existing 675-foot bridge which begins near the Taste of Maine Restaurant and carries Route 1 over the railroad and the Pleasant Cove marsh. In addition to replacing the Station 46 bridge, Reed & Reed will build a new 75-foot bridge over the inlet to Pleasant Cove, a location that has been prone to flooding over the years. Also included in the project is reconstructing and raising Route 1 between the two bridges to prevent future flooding.
The project includes diverting Route 1 traffic onto a temporary detour the company is building. This will allow the new bridges and roadway to be constructed on the existing alignment. The detour includes a 750-foot temporary bridge on the south end, over 1000 feet of temporary roadway and a 125-foot temporary bridge over Pleasant Cove to the north.
While traffic is running on the detour, Reed & Reed will build the two new bridges and install a 6-foot-high surcharge on the existing Route 1 roadway to compress subsurface soils prior to building the permanent roadway, which will be raised between the new bridges to alleviate flooding during high tides.
The Company expects to shift traffic onto the detour in August. Demolition of the existing Station 46 bridge will begin immediately thereafter as will construction of the roadway surcharge. The surcharge will remain in place for 12 months while Reed & Reed builds the new 4 span, 620-foot Station 46 bridge and the new Pleasant Cove bridge.
The entrance to the George Wright Road near the Dike will be closed for the duration of the project and a traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Route 1 and Nequasset Road to accommodate vehicles entering and exiting Route 1 to and from the George Wright Road. The new bridges are scheduled to be open to traffic in the fall of 2024 with final project completion in 2025.
“We are pleased to build this key project right in our backyard. Reed & Reed widened and rebuilt the Station 46 bridge in 1980 so we are happy to upgrade it once again. Some of our employees who worked on that 1980 project are still with us and I’m sure they will be back on the project this time”, said Jackson Parker, Chairman and CEO.