After a winter shutdown, work has resumed on Reed & Reed’s RoxWind project in Oxford County, Maine. Last fall crews began sitework and completed foundations. This spring work has begun in earnest on the collector system and utility interconnect. Wind turbines are slated for arrival in late May when Reed & Reed crews will erect the four GE 3.85 mw turbines with 450-foot diameter rotors on 267-foot towers. Each blade is more than 220 feet long and weighs just over 40,000 lbs.
On the ridge just to the north one can see the 22 turbine Record Hill Wind Project built by Reed & Reed in 2010-11. And about 15 miles to the east the towers at Saddleback Wind and Canton Wind are visible, all built by our skilled and experienced crews.
Commercial operation at RoxWind is scheduled for September.