On a brisk morning in early December 2014 U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Governor Paul Lepage, Reed & Reed President Jackson Parker and other dignitaries joined several hundred townspeople to celebrate opening of the new bridge over the Kennebec River.  The seven-span bridge stretches 1478 feet and soars some 90 feet above the water.

Reed & Reed began work in July 2013 and despite a harsh winter completed the new structure 6 months ahead of schedule. Working from deck barges, our crews installed steel sheetpile cofferdams for the six river piers, constructed the concrete hammerhead piers, erected more than 1100 tons of structural steel beams and placed the entire concrete bridge deck.

The contract also calls for demolition of the existing five-span steel truss bridge superstructure, bridge piers and abutments and other miscellaneous work.  The old center span rotates open to accommodate passage of marine traffic and sits on a large concrete pier structure that Reed & Reed crews will remove as well.

Reed & Reed opened the bridge in the summer of 2015 and complete all contract work some six months ahead of schedule.