Reed & Reed is building the new $86.5 million International Bridge between Madawaska, Maine and Edmundston, New Brunswick. The six-span 1800-foot bridge is located just upstream of the existing bridge, which has been limited to 5-tons or less due to structural deficiencies. Built on a diagonal, the US end of the bridge lands further upstream where a new US Customs and Border Patrol facility is being built. On the New Brunswick end, the bridge lands in front of the existing Customs Station, which will remain in service.
During 2021, Reed & Reed installed the pier 2 and 3 foundations while our Canadian subcontractor, Greenfield Construction, built the pier 4 and 5 foundations. This work included installing steel sheetpile cofferdams, 8-foot diameter drilled shafts to bedrock, reinforced concrete footings and pier shafts then cofferdam removal. Work is proceeding through the winter at pier 1 and on both abutments. Winter weather has been particularly harsh but the hearty crews are doing great work as they await the onset of spring with great anticipation!
By contract, work trestles had to be removed from the St John River by February 15, which was done. After the spring freshet subsides, the trestles will be reinstalled, pier 2,3 and 4 pier caps will be completed and steel girders erected. Some sections of the concrete bridge deck may be installed prior to winter with the balance completed during the 2023 season.
The new bridge is some 100 feet above the riverbed in order to clear railroad tracks on each side of the river and to protect from ice jams which are known to occur on the St John from time to time. Reed & Reed expects to open the new bridge to traffic in late 2023 and begin demolishing the existing 4-span truss bridge thereafter.