After months of utility relocations, Reed & Reed was finally able to begin work on the new 1800 foot, 8 span bridge over the Connecticut River. Overhead lines in the work area prevented construction of the work trestle from which the new bridge will be built.
The New Hampshire abutment work is well underway with winter concrete placements being completed. The work sequence for each of the seven bridge piers is the same: install sheetpile cofferdam, excavate soils, drive 30-inch pipe piles to refusal (approximately 100 feet deep), place underwater concrete seal, construct reinforced concrete footing and pier shaft, remove cofferdam. Repeat.
Reed & Reed will erect variable depth steel girders beginning on the New Hampshire end. As weather warms up in 2023 crews will install deck forms and place the reinforced concrete bridge deck. A sidewalk and galvanized steel bridge rail will be the finishing touches before the bridge is opened to traffic.
Demolition of the adjacent existing steel truss bridges is NOT included in this $61.2 million contract as NHDOT has determined to keep those in place for pedestrian use.