Reed & Reed is currently building the 56.1 mw project located in Downeast Maine for SunEdison and Novatus. Site work is well underway, all 17 spread foundations are complete, collector work and substation activities are also nearing completion.

Turbine deliveries began in early May and turbine erection is underway.. The V-117 Vestas turbines each produce 3.3 mw and sit on 116.5 meter towers.  These are the largest turbines in The Americas, both in terms of rotor diameter (384 feet) and tower height (382 feet).  In order to erect these mammoth turbines Reed & Reed acquired the largest crawler crane in New England, a brand new Manitowoc MLC 650 VPC-MAX, capable of lifting up to 772 tons.

In terms of challenges, not only are the turbines larger than most, site development restrictions mean Reed & Reed must breakdown and reassemble its cranes, including the giant MLC650 (45 tractor-trailer loads), seven times on the project.

All work is on schedule and a fall 2016 completion is planned.