Sometimes the pre-construction phase of a project can be longer that the actual construction phase.  Such is the case at the Antrim wind project where Reed & Reed has been in a support role for over 9 years. But happily, in April 2018 the project finally received the go ahead to build. We mobilized in July 2018 and our civil subcontractor Sargent Corporation started moving earth. We had a little over 3 miles of access roads to build, as well as 9 Turbine pads, O&M building subgrade fill, and a Substation yard. Reed & Reed’s substation crew built the collector substation yard while waiting for turbine deliveries to begin in May, 2019.  Foundations are complete and mud season is almost behind us.

Reed & Reed’s electrical team is building the underground and overhead collector systems and the project substation.

We will move one of our M-16000 top-out cranes to Antrim to erect the nine Siemens 2.3mw turbines on 80-meter towers.  The work is scheduled for a September 2019 final completion.