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Reed & Reed is now accepting applications for experienced bridge carpenters. Your application will be considered for future openings as they become available.

Carpenters build and erect, if necessary, rough wooden structures such as concrete forms, to include steel forms, scaffold, railings, walkways, supports and temporary frame shelters according to sketches or oral instructions in a safe manner. Examines specifications to determine dimensions of structures. Measure materials using square, measuring tape and ruler and marks cutting lines on materials using pencil and scriber, saws boards, dimension wood and plywood panels to required sizes. Nails appropriate bracing across panels to construct concrete forms. Braces forms in place with timbers, tie rods and anchor bolts, for use in building concrete piers, footings and walls. Erect chutes for placing concrete. Cuts and assembles timbers to build trestles and cofferdams. Erects precast concrete components. Must have tools of the trade. Must have prior experience, reliable transportation and be willing to travel.

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