A lot of work has been accomplished on the Gardiner Bridge Project since last October when the Maine Avenue Bridge was shut down for 13 days to demolish the existing concrete T-beam bridge and construct the new 78 ft. long precast concrete bridge. The new bridge had a substructure composed of precast abutment pieces that were placed and grouted over previously driven H-pile, and a superstructure that was composed of precast concrete NEXT beams. The bridge was removed and disposed of in 2 days and the first piece of precast abutment was set on Day 2. The four new superstructure girders, weighing around 115,000 lbs. each were set on Day 5. Four days later on Day 9 the deck was placed. The bridge was opened to traffic 2 days earlier than the 15 days allowed and was accomplished by the hard work from both day and night crews.
Since the Maine Avenue Bridge was opened, we’ve focused our attention on the Bridge Street Bridge. Placing concrete, constructing the temporary support structure, and installing micropile. Both bridge abutments have been completed, precast abutment caps have been poured, the A1 Diner has been temporarily supported, new footings placed, temporary supports removed and we have constructed the temporary support/slide structure for the new bridge. We’ve also placed the NE channel wall, base/intermediate paving, granite curbs, Wyoming Rail on Maine Avenue, and miscellaneous electrical for lighting. We erected Steel and are getting ready for a mid-October shutdown for 30 days.